Why footprint?

Are you a Social Media content provider or follower?  How about a small business owner that is trying to be found online, or a smart consumer that researches a service or product before purchasing it? Are you tired of search engines dictating the steps you need to take to rank high? How about all of the personal information they collect and sell when you use their services? Don't even get me going on the amount of advertisements that flood the screen, on top of the unrelated content that comes with any and all searches on every platform.

If you relate to any of those, then footprint is for you...


As a new small business owner, consumer, content provider, and follower, I realized that it is almost impossible to compete with big budget companies that are my competitors in the digital world. As a consumer and follower I can't even search for a person I follow or a service/product with confidence and ease. I find myself always going back to a search engine and digging deeper to find all the different content for just one thing.

I started to think, "Why? Why is it like this?" There has to be a better, more efficient option to get better search results and to drive more people to my content without spending thousands of dollars on SEO and digital advertising. Well, there is no other option! So I started to think how all of this would be in the perfect world that we all wish of.


Search engines practically filter everything that is on the internet. The results you get are determined by what you put in the search bar. It’s impossible for a computer to differ the meaning of a word and the many ways they can be used, that's why our search results have so much unrelated content in them. We should be able to search for a barbershop near us and find them all with ease. When the search results show, it will be a mobile focused, user-friendly layout with simplicity, yet all the functionality we use is still there. We should be able to easily check out each barbershop's social media page, website, yelp, or whatever content they want us to see with the push of a button. All of it being displayed beautifully on one screen, right in front of us on our devices at any moment’s notice. We should be able to inexpensively drive traffic to all of our content sites or store fronts, and have an easy way for prospects to find us and all the content we are providing for them. This is how searching for people you follow, services, and products should be across the board.


You're probably wondering where I'm going with this. Well here it is: I designed a 100% advertisement-free search engine based on that perfect world we most dream of, and its called footprint. Footprint's design is focused on user filtering, content consolidation, and most of all, privacy. It’s time to put money back in our pockets and not let the big search engine providers rule the Internet.

Create your personal, group, or company footprint, and let's take back control and start building our own, ad-free, online search platform that delivers real, honest results to drive real honest traffic.


Yours truly,

Cpt. footprint