Do you have control of your Digital Footprint?

Kevin Harrington does!

kevin harrington.jpg

The days of sending multiple links and telling everyone where to find you online are OVER!

The future of the internet is here!

One platform, One search, One link.

Finally, a platform that saves TIME and MONEY by amplifying your DIGITAL FOOTPRINT and making it searchable.


No more stressing over if all of your online content is easy to find and explore.

It's all in one centralized location, which is called your Digital Footprint!

It's a Digital Footprint future

One link on all social medias

One link on your business card

One link to share

No need to Google it

Just Footprint it!

Footprint took searching online to the next level. Imagine one search taking you to everything you need. No more digging through unrelated content, fake results, distracting Advertisements.

The future is here, welcome to a Digital Footprint world. 




"Bringing the world together, one Footprint at a time"